Downtown Koror (by Eliz.)

July 31, 2008

Since Koror and surrounding states/hamlets are basically connected by one main road which branches off at times, the main stores, restaurants, schools, etc are found on that road. Unfortunately, when school starts again, the traffic is crazy since everyone essentially has to be somewhere at the same time. So the 25 mph speed limit changes to 2 mph, then my road/traffic rage kicks in…Here’s a map of Koror, compliments of Lonely Planet (just in case you didn’t know, the white lines are roads):

Map of Koror

Here are some various pics around town…



  1. Wow.. It’s weird to see photos of Belau that aren’t of Rock Islands. I really appreciate these.

    I’ve never been to Belau, so I’ve always relied on the multitude of video tapes my family sent me as I grew up. (I half-suspect that it was done to try to keep me somewhat more Palauan than American…)

    Anyhow, the photos are stellar. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I checked out your website (next time I’ll leave a message), very cool. I like the commentary…Glad you like the other pics, we’re trying to give everyone a sense of the whole place, not just the Rock Islands. Thanks again for your comments! Elizabeth

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